Frequently asked questions about balloon flights

Where do you take off

We most often take off with our balloons near Prague, Karlštejn, Plzeň and elsewhere. In fact, you can select the take-off point yourself.

What kind of balloons do you use?

We usually use sports balloons for 2-3 people, or professional passenger balloons for 4-6 passengers. You can book this balloon for yourself and take off according to your wishes. We also fly with the Karlštejn Balloon, which has fixed take-off points (Karlštejn and Plzeň).

What kind of weather is suitable for ballooning?

Wind with a speed of around 4 m/s (approx. 13-16 km/h), visibility of 15 km, there must be no rain and thermic weather development, storm or fog.

How many kilometres does the balloon travel during a flight?

Typically, we cover a distance of 15-20 km with the balloon, sometimes even 25 km.

Is the flight safe?

Yes. Manufacturers, operators and government authorities have developed a very accurate and clear system for the maintenance and inspection of aircrafts (this also includes balloons), so an emerging technical issue can be discovered in advance; it’s therefore up to the pilots and their responsibility towards the passengers. I personally have been flying since 1984 and have not had a single accident.

How many sightseeing flights do you make per year?

On average, we make around 100 – 120 flights per year.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do, and I am glad we only pay the insurance. We are the insurance company’s best clients = we haven’t hurt anyone.

Do you fly all year round?

Yes, but we make significantly fewer flights in winter than in summer, so the period from May to November can be considered the ballooning season.

I’m afraid of heights

Me too, but not in a balloon. If you get scared during the flight, I will land and give you your money back.

Is there something I should worry about?

Only that you will really like it and you will regret not having flown sooner.

Should I take warm clothes?

No. At the altitudes at which we fly the temperature only decreases by 2-3 °C, and you won’t even notice it.

Can I take pictures?

You have to!

Are there any age restrictions?

We have no age restrictions, anyone who wants to fly can fly. It may be advisable to consult your doctor. However, people of retirement age fly with us regularly.